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Visitor visas allow people to stay in Canada temporarily. For tourists, whether you are looking for nightlife in a large cosmopolitan city or vast natural park land, Canada offers something for everyone! Visitor visas also allow people to connect with family who have immigrated to Canada.

For more information on Visitor visas, go to the Visiting Canada section of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website.

The following list of questions and answers will provide you with the information you need to start applying for a Visitor visa.

1.Do I need a visa?

2.What type of visas are available?

3.Who should use the Temporary Residence Visa application kit?

4.How much does it cost?

5.How do I submit an application?

6.When should I apply?

7.What are the factors considered by a visa officer in assessing an application?

8.What should I do if I need my passport?

9.How to read the EXPIRY DATE on a visa?

10.Who may require a medical exam and why?

11.Do I need a multiple entry Temporary Resident Visa if I intend to travel to the United States during my visit to Canada?

12.I am not going to visit Canada, but my flight stops in Canada on the way to my final destination. Do I still need a visa?

13.Who can be an inviter??

14.My application was refused. What can I do about it?

15.Frequently Asked Questions for Business Visitors

Still have questions? Click here for more Frequently Asked Questions.





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