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About 10CUC/per hour. (equal to CAD11, according to the exchange rate today-Nov 29,2010)

那么,1个CUC相当于多少加币呢?我查了一下今天的汇率:(2010年11月29日下午5点钟)1CUC= 1.10加元,或=7元人民币,或=1.08美元。也就是说:一小时约11加元。


古巴的货币及通用货币分为两种:比索(peso)和可兑换比索(peso convertible) (举例参考汇率:1美元=20比索, 1美元=0.82可兑换比索)。 CUP,即官方货币“比索”(The official currency is the Cuban Peso (CUP), divided into 100 centavos (cents). Notes can be of 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 pesos. Coins can be of 1, 5 and 20 centavos, and there are others of 1 and 3 pesos.),而CUC则指“可兑换比索”(The Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) was introduced by the Cuban financial authorities to take out all foreing currencies from circulation, and offer an alternative that is in almost all senses equal to US dollars. It replaces the dollar as currency where previously dollars were quoted in places such as hotels, restaurants and so called 'dollar shops', and is the new 'tourist' currency. Some places only accept Cuban pesos and others only Pesos Convertible (usually tourist related establishments),也就是酒店上网所收取的货币。比索是古巴当地人使用的货币,相当于以前中国的人民币,而“可兑换比索”则是对于游客使用的古巴外汇货币,相当于中国以前专门供外宾使用的“人民币兑换券”。




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