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Parking at Buffalo Niagara International Airport


(Note: In the "Parking Calculator" of BUF airport website , You can find the parking cost for different parking lots there by putting your departure time and returning time.)


Park on site at the BNIA and enjoy the most convenient access to the terminal available. Our 6,850 parking spaces give you direct entry and exit from the Kensington Expressway (Route 33) and quick access to the New York State Thruway (Interstate 90).

No parking reservations required.

Parking Rates

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Parking Calculator
Select a start and end date and time for your anticipated stay by clicking on the appropriate icons and then click the calculate button to display the parking rates based on your input. Amounts will vary if your actual time entering or exiting the lot changes.

Lot Rates Calculated Rates
Short Term Garage
(Red Signs)
Status: Open
$24/daily maximum
$168/weekly maximum
Preferred Long Term
(Green Signs)
Status: Open
Two hours or less is free
$4 for 2-3 hours
($1/each additional hour)
$13/daily maximum
$78/weekly maximum
Long Term A
(Orange signs)
Status: Open
Two hours or less is free
$4 for 2-3 hours
($1/each additional hour)
$11/daily maximum
$55/weekly maximum
Long Term B
(Blue Signs)
Status: Open
Two hours or less is free
$4 for 2-3 hours
($1/each additional hour)
$10/daily maximum
$50/weekly maximum
All of the above rates include NYS Sales tax

Parking Availability

Status Last Updated: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 2:58 PM, Please check on the airport's website for update/realtime information at:



Parking Availability Diagram

Short-Term Garage

Status: Open

The short-term garage is covered, weather protected and closest to the terminal.

Free Handicapped Parking in the Short-Term Lot

Individuals who possess a valid handicapped parking permit and park for less than one-hour will be granted free parking in the airport’s Short-Term lot starting April 1, 2010.

After the first hour patrons will be charged the current hourly rate. Free parking for the disabled in the Short-Term lot will facilitate easier access to and from the terminal for persons with disabilities.

Anyone wishing to take advantage of the free parking in the Short-Term lot will be required to present a time-stamped parking ticket along with a valid handicap parking permit or a handicap license plate upon exiting the ramp.

Preferred Long-Term Lot

Status: Open

Preferred long-term parking is within walking distance of the terminal and perfect for daily or long weekend trips. Free shuttles run to and from the terminal.

Long-Term A Lot

Status: Open

Long-term A parking is designed for those making longer trips. Free shuttles run to and from the terminal.

Long-Term B Lot

Status: Open

Long-term B parking is the most economical and designed for those making longer trips. Free shuttles run to and from the terminal.

BNIA Radio

You can also check on parking conditions from home or your car, with BNIA Radio. Tune to 1580 AM when you get within three miles of the airport and hear up to the minute reports about availability and other information.

Free Shuttles

Free shuttles operate for Preferred Long-term and Long-term parking patrons. Car-to-terminal service, with luggage assistance, is available 24 hours a day, every day.

Parking Regulations

The NFTA Police Department is obligated to enforce the standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration, under the guidelines of the Federal Aviation Regulation 107, which clearly states: ALL UNATTENDED VEHICLES MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE FRONTAL AREA OF THE TERMINAL BULIDING. This area is only to be used for ACTIVELY loading and unloading of luggage and passengers. If an emergency should arise and you need to park directly in front of the terminal building, you must first contact a Police Officer who will authorize or provide you with a parking space. This area is clearly marked and should not be disputed with the Officer on duty. Remember that this Officer is only following directives. NOTE: You may notice a small parking lot located on the west end of the terminal building, this is a pre-paid lot for specified delivery vehicles, limousines and bus services only. Located in the Arrivals area are designated parking spaces for shuttle services.

For more information please call BNIA parking services at 716.634.0315




What is now Buffalo Niagara International Airport was first created in 1926 when a group of aviation enthusiasts convinced City of Buffalo officials that an airport was an indispensable element for any city intent on industrial and commercial growth.

Two hundred acres of Cheektowaga farmland were purchased in 1925 to build the Buffalo Municipal Airport, 318 acres in 1926, and an additional 20 acres in 1929, for a total land area of 538 acres. Today's BNIA covers almost 1,000 acres.

Passenger and airmail service between Buffalo and Cleveland commenced in mid December 1927. Airmail service and eventually passenger travel proved popular and began to increase. One reason was Buffalo's location on the route from New York City to Cleveland, Chicago and other western cities.

Another reason for Buffalo's growth as an aviation center was the presence of the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company. Curtiss had contracts with the Army and Navy to produce military aircraft in large numbers. With America's entry into World War I in 1917, Curtiss invested $4 million to build the largest airplane factory in the world.

By the mid-1930's, the city was being pressed to build a new airport administration building. Construction of which was finally started on May 11, 1938, and was completed on April 27, 1939. A new apron was completed a few months later.

At the close of World War II, the airport's airfield facilities were badly deteriorated due to heavy wartime use. Numerous airfield and roadway/parking improvements were made in the late 1940s/early 1950s.

The administration building had also reached saturation and a major expansion program for the passenger terminal completed in 1955. This expansion, which included the West Concourse, tripled the square footage of the terminal and gave the airport a total of 11 gates.

In 1956, the Niagara Frontier Port Authority, a public body created by the New York State legislature, acquired the airport from the City of Buffalo. It continued to operate the airport until it was assimilated into the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA), created by the New York State Legislature in 1967. All subsequent work on the airport was carried out by the NFTA. In 1959, the name of the airport was changed to the Greater Buffalo International Airport.

During the 1960's, automobile traffic outgrew the old traffic circle at the front of the building and a new method of handling arriving and departing automobiles was needed. At the same time, the airlines were pressing for still more gates. In 1961, United Airlines was increasing its flights significantly and other airlines needed additional gates as well. The administration building had been extended as far as possible with the addition of piers or wings to the north, east, and west. There was no room to accommodate more gates.

In 1968, NFTA initiated development of a regional airport study to assess long-term airport needs in the region. As a result, the West Terminal was built, opening in 1971, as an interim passenger terminal to alleviate the overcrowding at the East Terminal until a new regional airport could be constructed. Air travel projections for the 1960s pointed toward the construction of a new regional airport, and studies were conducted to find a location for this new facility.

In 1991, an evaluation of the useful life of the existing East Terminal concluded that the facility could no longer be economically rehabilitated.

After an intensive analysis of potential terminal configurations, a single stand-alone terminal design was selected which required demolition of both the East and West Terminals. In September 1996, the NFTA board of commissioners changed the name of the airport to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BNIA) effective with the opening of the new passenger terminal.

The new 15-gate, $ 56 million terminal opened with great celebration and fanfare on November 3, 1997. Since its opening, the number of daily flights has increased from 94 to over 130, and passenger growth in the last two years has exceeded 10% annually. Passengers, vendors, and the airlines indicate an extraordinarily high satisfaction level with the new facility.

The lead member of the design team, the New York firm of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, considered two historical regional influences when they designed the new terminal: the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the importance of aviation and flight to the region. They envisioned a crystalline structure symbolizing flight - and that vision became a reality. Some 27,000 square feet of glass dominate the 350-foot-wide lobby with its 50-foot ceiling and arching walls. When looked at from the air, the terminal itself looks like a giant aircraft poised for flight.

Within the main Gateway concourse, a unique 13,000 square foot work of art has been created on the floor with multicolored terrazzo tiles depicting the history of the region from a geological and sociological perspective. Created by Oregon artist and sculptor Robert E. Calvo, the woven pattern in the center of the design serves as a metaphor for the region, which was created out of the influences of many divergent events.

In additional to the terminal, a 1,300-space short-term parking garage was built on site. The garage also houses six major car rental agencies servicing the airport. Longterm parking facilities accommodate over 6,000 vehicles, and shuttles run constantly for those who prefer to ride to the terminal.

Since its opening, the BNIA terminal has expanded both the east and west concourse facility. These expansions have increased the total number of gates from 15 to 25.

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport has truly become a symbol of the region's respect for its rich history and its optimism for the future.


All ground transportation is located on the lower level of the terminal, outside of baggage claim. Transportation services include:

Buses, Shuttles and Taxis

Name Website Phone Toll Free
AA Taxi Transportation www.taxiniagara.com (905) 321-3206 (905) 735-8294
AAA Taxi Tour & Shuttle www.aaataxitour.com (905) 581-3993
Above the Falls Transportation www.touch-of-class-niagara.com (716) 957-4192 877-957-4111
Airport Express www.buffaloairportexpress.com (716) 472-8580 800-604-1570
Airport Taxi Assoc. www.buffaloairporttaxi.com (716) 633-8294 800-551-4369
Buffalo Airport Shuttle www.buffaloairportshuttle.com (716) 685-2550 877-750-2550
Coach Canada www.coachcanada.com 705-748-6411 800-461-7661
Gray Line Niagara Falls www.GrayLineNiagaraFalls.com (716)285-2113 877-285-2113
Great Canadian Coaches (519) 896-8687
Jetways Shuttle Service www.jetways.ca (519) 756-8572 866-953-8929
Jewel of Niagara Limo www.jewelofniagara.com (905) 351-3996
Greyhound www.greyhound.com
(716) 855-7533
Megabus www.Megabus.com (877) 462-6342
NeOn www.neonbus.com
Niagara Air Bus www.niagaraairbus.com 800-206-7222
Niagara Scenic Tours (716) 648-7766
Rainbow Transportation www.rainbowtransportation.com (716) 694-8171
Taviton Services (905) 315-7733
Visitor Hospitality Services www.grayline-niagarafalls.com (716) 694-3600
5-0 Taxi www.5-0taxi.com


Name Website Phone Toll Free
Above the Falls Transportation www.touch-of-class-niagara.com (716) 957-4192 877-957-4111
Act One Transportation www.Act1-Transportation.com 716-908-7405
Buffalo Limousine Service www.blimo.com (716) 835-4997 800-599-2088
Chauffeured Airport Transfers www.BuffaloNiagaraChauffeuredServices.ca 800-599-2088
Canam Limousine www.canamlimo.com 866-976-3676
Giorgio's Limousine Service www.giorgioslimousine.com (716) 683-7455
Hamilton Limo www.hamiltonlimo.com (905) 529-5466
Jewel of Niagara Limo www.jewelofniagara.com (905) 351-3996
The Limousine Service www.thelimousineservice.biz 716-835-LIMO
Magic Mist Limo www.buffaloairportlimo.com (716) 284-7040 800-689-8189
Niagara Classic Cars www.niagaraclassiccars.com (905) 262-0005
Niagara Classic Transport www.niagaraclassiccabs.com 905-468-4132 888-768-4132
Niagara Spirit Limousine (866) 814-8644
Oasis Limousine www.oasislimo.ca 877-716-2747
Prime Limousine Services Inc www.primelimo.ca 877-726-5466
Southampton Limo www.southamptonlimousine.com 800-636-8923
Symphony Limo www.symphonylimo.com 877-387-6464
TMK Limousine www.tmklimo.com 905 651 8655
Toronto Towncar www.torontotowncar.com 905-290-1270 866-883-6699
123 Limo (416) 346-3400






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