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Match the Price/ the Best Price Guarantee Policy for pre-packages 包价旅游最优惠价格政策:

如果您能找到比我们提供的包价旅游产品更便宜的价格,我们就可以包价旅游最优惠价格政策match the price并向每一位订票的客人给与$5-$10的奖励.

由于旅游产品和我们日常生活用品有很大的不同特征,所以,包价旅游最优惠价格政策是有其相应的的前提和条件(terms and conditions)的。其中,最突出的两条就是:1)必须是在购买包价旅游产品之前或出票之前。因为,每出售一次票,订票系统都会更新(相当于重新“洗牌”),所以价格会发生变化。为什么出票后就不能match the price了呢? 因为包价旅游的 “cancellation/change penalty取消旅游/更改旅游罚款”要求更加严格。若为了重新订票,而对已购买的票进行取消,得不偿失。2)必须是apples to apples的比较。即要求进行比较的旅游产品必须是完全一样的,即:同一个航班,同一家酒店的同档次客房,同一个时间公布的价格,同一个供应商等。


What is the Best Price Guarantee?

CITSI guarantees you’re getting the best price on your pre-packaged vacations (including all-inclusive pre-package and European Plan Pre-package only). If you should find a better price online for the same trip when you are ready to book, we will match the lower rate and give you a bonus of CAD5-CAD10 for each passenger as incentive. Just call 519-746-0579 to ask our travel consultant to book it for you.
Terms and Conditions:

1. Overview: In the event that you find a lower rate on another Canada-based website when you are ready to book your pre-packaged vacation, CITSI will match the lower rate. In addition, we will give you a bonus of CAD5-CAD10 for each passenger as incentive. This Best Price Guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions listed below.

2. Applicability: The Best Price Guarantee applies to pre-packaged vacations from tour operator partners made available for CITSI. The Guarantee does not apply to build your own or customized packages.

3. The lower rate must be available for booking at the time you contact us, as determined by our customer service representatives.

4. Must be “Apples to Apples” Comparison: The Best Price Guarantee is applicable only for exact pre-packaged vacation itinerary matches, price all in with taxes and fees included, with the same parameters and options including tour operator, hotel and room type, meal plan, class of service, travelers and options, and the exact same dates and times of travel as provided by our representative . The Best Price Guarantee is not available for bookings on websites where the airline, property, itinerary or similar booking details are unknown until after purchase. You must meet all requirements imposed on the lower price (if any), including, without limitation, residency, regional and age-related requirements.

5. Comparison Rates Must Be Available to the General Public Online: The Best Price Guarantee applies only to prices both advertised and available to the general public on a Canada-based website. For example, this does not include rates offered on membership program websites, corporate discounts or rates; group, charter, rewards program, incentive, meeting, convention, consolidator or interline prices; prices obtained via auction or similar process; or prices available only by using a voucher or other promotion not offered to the general public.
6. Verification of Claims: All requests are subject to verification by CITSI. The bonus can be redeemed after the vacation completed.
7. This policy is only available for new packages. As the price will automatically update /change in the global booking system at any time and is not guaranteed before it is booked.





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